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Railways Special Plants Products

In the field of technological plants, the Sysco has a wide experience of railway work in environments and in all transport sectors. In addition, for the areas mentioned above also operate on the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with adequate rolling stock, equipment and highly skilled workforce.




Recent Accomplishment and Maintenance
Over the years in the fields of competence, the Sysco has made numerous interventions. Follows the list of several contracts:

Signaling systems and safety

Intervention at Rome's Sorting Plant A.C.E.I;

Orciano's Plant A.C.E.I. (near PISA);

Realization and B.A.B. design (lock automatically trivialized) Roma Termini - Campoleone line;

Automatic level crossing Rome-Viterbo line for "Met.Ro" company;

Technological Plants realization in the new rail park in Venezia Mestre (Trenitalia SpA company);

BAcc works interventions processing (Auto Lock current codified) Villa S. Giovanni-Reggio Calabria line.


Communication Systems

> Construction in the dynamic multipurpose facility in Naples (Maintenance train Center High and Low Speed) of telephony selective and automatic plants, of sound and integration DECT radio and transmission network data with the main installation of copper cables and fiber optic;

Realization of LAN and telephone networks in R.F.I. Offices of Cosenza, Reggio Calabria and Sapri.


Telemanagements and telecontrols

Telemanagements and telecontrols for S.S.E. Passo Corese.


Electrical traction

Realization diverted provisional and restoration of the proper path for the replacement of steel girder for the bridge over the river Cocchiato;

Electrification of track inside the Railway Plant of S. Ferdinando and realization of the related communications.


Industrial and civil installations, lighting and motive power

Plant light and motive power in the gallery "Montorso" Venafro-Vairano line;

Adaptation and standardization of plant light of all the yards of the station, the area North of Rome
Roma-Chiusi/Roma-Viterbo line;

Lighting Plants of the square by installation of light towers, stations of: Sezze, Campoleone, Cecina,
Rosignano, etc.;

Urgent action needed on the movement of the Villa S.Giovanni City by the heavy vehicles - Works to change the technological systems in the square of the Villa S.Giovanni Station;

Realization of electric cabs Mt / Bt and the lighting of Hippodrome Chilivani in Sardinia;

Transformers for various customers as FS, Enel, etc..


Video surveillance

Work to implement Security System for the safety of Reggio Calabria Centrale Station, Lido di Reggio Calabria Station and SSE Fara Sabina (RM).


Our equipment

The Sysco provides, among others, the following working equipment:

Ladders motorized rail

Motorized rail trucks with crane radius of 12 meters, with platform

Rail mixer-wagon of 8 cubic meters to cast concrete


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